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Alviss Analysts Services

Proven Results

Business Meeting

Market Sizing & Forecasting

Expert Guidance

Our quantitative models provide market sizing for a variety of technology types and markets including avionics, solar photovoltaic and electronic warfare (to name just a few).
Our models are based on deep-dive top down (budget and spend) and bottom up (revenue by company and technology type) research to ensure a more accurate picture of the market that is not based just on assumptions, but actual collected data.
Market size is then projected forwards based on market specific factors such as defence procurement budgets plans, economic trends and energy directives and requirements.
Market sizing and forecasting support can be tailored to specific sub-markets to ensure market information is targeted to what you care about most.

Market Research Consulting & Reports

Expand your knowledge

In addition to quantitative market sizing & forecasting being able to talk confidently about a market necessitates a knowledge of the trends that shape that market.
Our longer form market research reports combine our quantitative forecasting skills with detailed, targeted information on key trends shaping an industry to enable peace of mind, whatever your goals may be.

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M&A: Due diligence & target acquisition

Grow your presence

If you are looking to acquire a company, we are available to provide expert due diligence on the market to ensure your investment generates the cash flow you expect.
Additionally, if you are looking to expand your footprint in a market through acquisition, but are unsure on where to start, we can assist in targeting the right company to make the right profit for your business.

Competitive intelligence

Position to win

Competing successfully in crowded markets can be difficult, with it sometimes being unclear how best to outmanoeuvre your competitors.
Our research can assist you in competitor analysis, including black hat review processes and pricing to win in competitive bids, helping to ensure your success.

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Key Stakeholder Mapping

Connect with who matters

Finding the right people to engage with for your business can be a daunting task, especially if your potential partners or customers are large international companies with complicated reporting structures.
We can help alleviate this problem by mapping out the company, including information on site capabilities and the key people you need to engage with, in order to foster a positive business relationship.

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